K & K to Partner with Fort Wainwright on Recycling Program

K&K Recycling, Inc. is partnering with Ft. Wainwright to implement a new recycling program.  The new program will start with a test phase that will include one site on the north part of the Army post. K&K plans to recycle paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, as well as aluminum and tin.
Phil Cole of K&K says, “This could revolutionize the way we look at our waste. In fact, it’s not a waste stream, it’s a resource stream. There have been other attempts at recycling here in the interior that may not have worked out. Does that mean we shouldn’t try? Heck no. It just means we have to do it smarter”.
This pilot project could spur other organizations in the community to reevaluate their stance on recycling in the interior.  Check back for updates as this project moves ahead.  


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